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PUNGIB Supply Comércio, Importação e Exportação Ltda, a subsidiary of the Pungib group in Brazil, seeks to serve its customers with transparency and professionalism. These characteristics are the ideals of the Pungib group, already operating in the Brazilian market for over 30 years, reselling products from renowned European suppliers.


Pungib Supply brings to the market solutions in the areas of sanding and polishing, such as differentiated inputs with quality and cost benefit considerably higher than those found in the national market. It also offers manual, automatic, robotic equipment, as well as a complete line of equipment and solutions for vibro finishing.

We are a family owned and operated business.


In addition to the traditional products in our line, we also offer a procurement service, where we search for suppliers, products and solutions in the foreign market. of the products, to the assistance in the logistic and freight forwarding process, through our selected partners, for importing and receiving the purchased products. In the case of equipment acquisition, we also advise on the process of obtaining financing through partner companies.

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